Begin your day with an early Asian, American or healthy breakfast from our open kitchen restaurant. Then, continue the journey visiting the fishing village of Jimbaran accompanied by our local guide, who will take you thru the village streets and to the colorful traditional market for local fruits, vegetables, meats, offerings, cakes and other daily needs. In the market, we will buy Balinese cake for you to choose and bring back to the hotel. Across the market, a beautiful Jimbaran temple attractively built, will easily impress you with its cultural and elegant design. In Jimbaran, often all year around you can experience the Balinese celebrating their special ceremony days, you will witness how beautiful they are in their colorful Balinese costume going to the temple to bring offerings to the Gods. To know more about the Balinese life, we will take you to a local Balinese house, where you will find a unique story how the Balinese house functions, every building has its own position and meaning. There is a house temple in each house compound, which has a different meaning than the village temple.The journey continues to show you the real fishing village life with a visit to the famous fish market selling fresh catch of the day, directly brought from traditional boatsstanding on the bay right next to the market. Jimbaran is known for having the best fresh fish and seafood market in Bali. Finaly, we will be heading back to the hotel, so you can have your coffee/tea and taste the Balinese cake that you have bought from the market.We hope that you will like it!


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