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We love Bali and we definitely love Jimbaran! The aim of The Open House hotel is to be fully integrated into the Jimbaran community and to offer travellers the opportunity to interact with the local villagers. Located on the quiet southern coast of Bali, this is a place where tradition meets modern. It is the home to both fishermen and balinese families as well as the most prestigious hotels in Bali.

Our neighborhood includes the famous and vibrant fish market and the traditional market of Jimbaran. Get up early and feel like a local, bargaining and enjoying the ambiance. Jimbaran is renowned above all else for its beautiful beach, with its white sand and calm waters: bring your kids and bring your pets, this is a great beach to enjoy your holidays as a family. And when the sun goes down, get a table and enjoy the delicious grilled fish in the seafood cafes, while admiring one of the best sunsets on the island. Really, everybody says so.

Do you like surfing? Rent a motorbike with us and in 15 minutes you will be in the most renowned and challenging surfing spots in the world, Uluwatu, Balangan or Padang Padang. The Open House is near the airport and within short distance of popular destinations such as the famous Uluwatu temple, Seminyak and its wide choice of shops and restaurants, Nusa Dua, the Kuta Golf Club if you are up for a swing and definitely an easy stroll to just everywhere else.


Everyday there´s something going on at The Open House. We just want to make sure you have a truly Balinese experience and to that purpose we have carefully chosen the following activities:

  • Visit the vibrant Fish Market and the Traditional Market with our local guide who can explain everything you want to know about the exciting life in Jimbaran.
  • The hotel is located in the middle of a fishermen´s village. If you want to feel one of them, we will take you on a fishing trip in a “Jukung”, the traditional Balinese fishing boat.
  • Learn all the secrets of making spicy and flavourful Balinese cuisine in our local cookery class.
  • Snorkel or dive the reefs of Bali. The sea around this island is full of marine life such as manta rays,turtles and beautiful coral reefs. We will take you to explore the stunning Indian Ocean and all its submarine treasures.
  • Discover Bali´s rich history and traditions on a cultural tour of Jimbaran village, where you will learn the Balinese culture, religious aspects and their daily ceremonies.
  • Interact with the locals. We will take you on a trip to visit the temples and traditional Balinese houses, eat at the local warungs, talk to the people you meet and join them preparing the fishing boats, taking care of the roosters and other daily activities. You will discover how friendly and hospitable they are.
  • Explore Bali on two wheels. We have motorbikes for rent just because it is such a wonder to explore the island this way. If you are those who rather prefer go independent, simply take the bike and do your own exploring.
  • Surfing in Bali. Inevitably, this is one of the reasons that make the tourists come to visit us, Bali has the best surf spots in the world, suitable for all levels of experience. If you are up for surfing, paddling or canoeing, we will provide you with all the water sport facilities.
  • For the yoga enthusiasts there will be daily classes either on the beach or by the swimming pool.

And that is not all, check our webpage or just come by our front desk to see what else we have got ready for you.


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